Artist's Statement

My process is varied depending on my own intuitive way of exploring emotional and visual information that comes to the forefront at any particular moment in the creative process. I will sometimes begin with brushing pigment on the surface or sketching with pencil, charcoal or pastel. I may also begin with applying paper and gluing it to the surface. In all my work I keep layering, scraping and rebuilding waiting for something to be revealed. This often leads to more visual information that is worked into and expanded through subsequent layers. Very often, much of what was originally present becomes submerged until the image or images speak to a perception, an emotional tone or impulse that leads to the completion of the artistic experience.

Major influences are the movement and dynamism that lies in all life, and in my personal explorations I like to work with this subtlety and complexity.

Ultimately, each work is an expression of my person, sometimes straightforward, sometimes elusive and each carrying with it the stamp of my experiences.

  • Glow


  • Voyage II

    Voyage II

  • Canyon Ridge

    Canyon Ridge

  • Sunrise Sunset

    Sunrise Sunset

  • Fog Along the Seine

    Fog Along the Seine

  • Rondo I,II

    Rondo I,II

  • Desert Sanctum V

    Desert Sanctum V

  • Cobblestones of Seguret

    Cobblestones of Seguret

  • Persepolis III

    Persepolis III

  • Enchanted Mesa

    Enchanted Mesa

  • Circling the Cross

    Circling the Cross

  • Desert Sanctum I

    Desert Sanctum I

  • Desert Sanctum IV

    Desert Sanctum IV

  • Fanfare


  • Memento I

    Memento I

  • Cote d\'Azur I

    Cote d\'Azur I

  • Orchestration


  • Twirl


  • Bird\'s Eye View

    Bird\'s Eye View

  • Downward Trend

    Downward Trend